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Easy Poker program for Windows! Try this free test. Download the latest update 31/07/2012. Contact crv.ltda @ brturbo.com.br if in doubt, run or problems with the download, in Easy Poker Download!
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In brief  : Poker for beginners : easy Poker

Easy Poker is being done for your entertainment, learning and test their luck, every day. With a maximum of 10 players and minimum of 2, it is you who chooses.

You can also view the performance of their opponents during the round, if desired, because here you command.

You can view the deck and feel the potential of the remaining cards and will be revealed.

It has a table of scores with 10 positions, classified by seat at the table or classification by points earned. You can put the name of friends or family and check the fate of all.

In each round are shown in the games with the cards ranking downward relevant, from the hand of each player. This facilitates the checking of the result, concentrated in one place.

A table is stored with the most winning hands, or that private cards that won more times during the various rounds. You can reset the table or let accumulate, and thus learn that hands are most likely to win.

Come test your luck? There is a menu of simulation you can choose between 5, 10, 20 and 50 rounds uninterrupted. You can also choose a chair and, if with luck, will be the winner at the end of the simulation, which is completely random. Otherwise, stay in second or third ... is not so bad. But you can choose another chair and simulate again, as often as you like and know what their number of lucky numbers and what to avoid. At the end is all fun, entertainment and learning.

We are developing a competitive basis, where you can also choose the degree of difficulty, and also test your learning.

  In summary, you will have a tool yourself, you can determine the progress of the game, regardless of web traffic or other

rules than the PokerTexas Hold'em. As we develop enhancements to the program, you receive them for free within the duration of your license.


We are working and we are at your disposal for information and opinions that may be sent as comments to this site or message

in our guestbook.

For now, see our section of photos of the game, and soon, you are in command of the table.

Team Games in 2012. Best Regards!